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If you are facing felony or serious misdemeanor criminal charges, don’t underestimate the impact a guilty verdict can have on your future. Your reputation, your freedom, and your career are at risk. Without sound legal advice and an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your rights, the criminal justice system can be a nightmare. You need a criminal defense attorney who won’t back down against the prosecution. You need Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer Spiros S. Nicolet on your side.

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Why Hire Our Law Firm for Your Criminal Defense?

Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys and those who represent clients in Chicago are not all equally qualified to defend your criminal charges. Although some criminal cases are resolved fairly quickly, complex cases in Wisconsin and Illinois can take years to resolve in state and federal courts. These cases often involve teams of investigators, mountains of evidence, and a complicated web of details that must be sorted through.

Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer Spiros S. Nicolet understands how significantly a guilty verdict can impact your life, and he cares about the outcome of your case as much as you do. Providing superior legal representation to Illinois and Wisconsin residents since 1991, Spiros knows how to:

  • Uncover important details other Chicago and Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers often miss
  • Identify missteps in searches and seizures and other aspects of the criminal procedure
  • Recognize loopholes in the prosecution’s case
  • Negotiate with the state to get your criminal charges and penalties reduced or eliminated
  • Keep you from spending precious weeks, months, or years behind bars

What Types of Cases Do Milwaukee Criminal Lawyers Handle?

Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of cases involving criminal law. Some criminal defense lawyers focus on defending only the most serious crimes, like homicide charges, federal charges, sexual assault, and violent crimes. Spiros Nicolet, however, understands that even convictions for misdemeanor crimes can leave permanent damage in their wake.

Whether your criminal case involves misdemeanor or felony charges, Spiros will protect your constitutional rights and minimize your chances of seeing significant jail time.

Our Milwaukee law firm handles cases involving:

What to Do if You Are Arrested for a Crime

Facing any criminal charge in Milwaukee or Chicago is a serious matter, and the steps you take directly before,
during, and after an arrest may play an important role in the outcome of your criminal case.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

From the moment you begin to interact with criminal investigators or law enforcement officers, everything you say and everything you do is in the spotlight. You can expect your conversations to be recorded. Your movements and body language will be captured on camera. Say one wrong thing or make a wrong move, and you can bet your actions will be held against you. As such, criminal defense attorneys advise people who are facing criminal charges to exercise their right to remain silent and to maintain control of their ability to do so.

Pay Attention

Be sure you are paying attention to the way officers are treating you, any searches that are performed, and the overall way your arrest is handled. Did the officers use police brutality when arresting you or booking you in? Did they have a search warrant or your permission to search you, your home, or your vehicle? Did they read you your Miranda rights? Describing the incident to your Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer may enable him or her to identify illegal searches and seizures, procedural mishaps, or the violation of your rights.

Exercise Your Right to Consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney

When a person is charged with a crime, he or she has the right to consult with a criminal defense lawyer before answering questions, making statements, or discussing anything about the case. Criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin and Illinois recommend that you exercise your right to have legal representation right away. It is a violation of your constitutional rights for law enforcement to continue to question you if you request to speak with an attorney.

Client Testimonials

Truly blessed to have found Mr.Spiros my experience with him so far has been great. Called him yesterday at 12pm and he was able to meet up in person by 3pm.  Then the same night at 830pm he went to visit my brother in law where he is in ice hold. I’m so impressed of a lawyer who took our case with such passion to help us. And the way he worked after hours so we can be at peace. Will keep you posted in how everything turns out……thanks Mr.Spiro my God continues to bless you in all your cases!!

Maria Mendoza

I talked to Mr. Spiros a couple of times and explained the issue to him over the phone and he was very helpful. He listened to me carefully and offered his best advice even when it meant that I didn’t need to spend my money on an attorney. I made sure to go back to him the next time I needed legal representation.

Abe El Massouri

Greatly appreciate chance to work with Spiros Nicolet! Very competent lawyer in various directions, calm, organized and care about clients in best manner.

Dmytro Chyslitskyi
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