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Felony charges should not be taken lightly. Without an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, a prison sentence and significant fines are almost inevitable. With your reputation, your career, your finances, and your freedom on the line, you’re going to need to hire the best defense lawyer you can find. Hire felony criminal defense attorney Spiros Nicolet, and let our law firm tip the scales of justice in your favor.

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    Hire Criminal Defense Attorney Spiros Nicolet to Protect Your Freedom and Your Future

    If you’re facing a felony charge in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who cares as much about your freedom and your future as you do. Milwaukee, WI federal criminal defense lawyer Spiros Nicolet has been providing top-notch legal representation to the people of Illinois and Wisconsin since 1991. With experience handling various types of criminal law cases, Spiros knows what it takes to help you stay out of jail.

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      What Are the Penalties for a Felony Conviction?

      The penalties for a felony conviction vary significantly depending on the state in which you are convicted, and the severity and type of the crime. If you are charged with a felony and a guilty verdict is returned, you will likely face substantial monetary fines, at least one year behind bars, and the inability to use, own, or possess a firearm.

      Unfortunately, numerous other consequences follow felony convictions as well. These include, but are not limited to:

      • Ineligibility Serve on a Jury
      • The Loss of Your Right to Vote
      • Mandatory Registration as a Sex Offender
      • Damaged Reputation
      • Permanent Criminal Record
      • The Loss of Your Professional License
      • Court-Ordered Rehab
      • The Inability to Work in Certain Fields
      • Ineligibility for Student Financial Aid
      • Reduced Home Renting and Leasing Options

      Although you may be able to get your conviction expunged or have your record sealed in some cases, most of the time felony convictions and the accompanying repercussions stay with individuals for life.

      What Qualifies as a Felony in Wisconsin and Illinois?

      Felony crimes are generally the most serious crimes. There is often a fine line between felony and misdemeanor charges , however. Generally, a criminal offense is a felony if it is punishable by one year or more in a state prison. Examples of felony criminal cases include:

      • Drug crimes that involve drug trafficking, manufacturing large quantities of drugs, and possessing large amounts of illegal drugs with the intent to sell
      • Domestic violence under certain circumstances like having multiple domestic violence convictions or committing domestic violence that results in great bodily harm
      • Some types of sex crimes like sexual assault, rape, and criminal sexual penetration
      • Violent crimes like assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and homicide charges Drunk driving, or OWI charges under certain circumstances

      Strategies Criminal Defense Lawyers Use to Fight Felony Charges

      Like with all criminal law cases, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution in your felony case. In cases that are heard in state and federal courts, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. As such, Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys look for holes, or weaknesses, in the State’s case when preparing for a jury trial. To obtain a not guilty verdict, an experienced criminal defense attorney will consider:

      Your Alibi

      In criminal law, Illinois and Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys often turn to the alibi defense to show that their clients could not have committed the crime because they were in another place when the crime was committed. Evidence might include eyewitness statements, surveillance cameras, credit card receipts, or workplace time cards.

      Self Defense

      In cases involving violent crimes, your criminal defense team might prove that you acted in self-defense when you committed the act. If your criminal defense attorney can convince the jury that you believed that you were in imminent danger, and that the use of physical force was necessary to protect yourself, your criminal charges may be dropped.

      Violations of Your Constitutional Rights

      If the police officers arrested you without probable cause, arrested you after an illegal search and seizure, coerced you into making a confession, did not read you your Miranda rights, or violated your constitutional rights in another way, your criminal defense attorney may be able to get your felony charges reduced or eliminated completely.


      Felony criminal defense attorneys may also use consent as a defense in some types of criminal cases. If your criminal charges involve sexual assault or certain other sex crimes, for example, your criminal defense attorney may be able to show that the alleged victim willingly agreed to the act. If the person consented to sex, there is no criminal act.

      Improper Police Procedures

      In some cases, felony criminal defense lawyers may identify procedural mistakes that can be used to defend criminal charges. An experienced criminal defense lawyer might point out improper procedures that occurred during the investigation phase of a criminal case, mistakes in the way police officers handled or processed evidence, improper testing procedures, the falsification of test results, or even tampering with evidence.

      What Is the Difference Between Felony Charges and Federal Charges?

      A federal crime is a crime that is committed in a federal jurisdiction. Federal crimes can be felonies or misdemeanors. If state and federal jurisdictions both apply, these types of criminal cases may be heard in both federal and state courts. Examples of crimes that could bring federal charges include some drug crimes, white collar crimes, and crimes that are investigated by a federal agency. Criminal defense lawyers who have experience representing clients in federal court are the best attorneys to handle these types of cases.